Our Approach to Early Stage Discovery

A Cubist Employee

Cubist is pursuing drug discovery programs toward identification of novel treatments for serious antibacterial infections (particularly those caused by multi-drug resistant Gram-negative pathogens) and acute pain, in addition to evaluating opportunities to effectively address other acute care unmet medical needs. Working from our recently-expanded, modern research campus in Lexington, Mass., we have a critical mass of talented scientists and technical staff who work in project teams that are able to move quickly from idea generation through to proof-of-concept pre-clinical testing. Our internal capabilities encompass target evaluation, biochemical assay configuration, natural products fermentation, screening (of small molecules as well as of natural products), in vitro and in vivo efficacy evaluation, biochemistry, molecular biology, structure-based medicinal chemistry, high throughput purification, nuclear magnetic resonance, molecular/homology modeling, in silico screening, pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modeling, drug metabolism and distribution, and state-of-the-art predictive toxicology assessments. Staff members bring a range of pharma, biotech and academic experience and insights in drug discovery. In addition to internal efforts, we work in collaboration with academic institutions and other companies and have established consultancies with key academic and clinical investigators.